Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last year I bought a cute little wool blazer at my favorite Value Village...I put it on last week and was pleasantly reminded of the little square photograph of a young woman from Dec. 1968.

I always keep her in that pocket and as many of my friends know my personality....I like to think about who she was....was it her jacket or someone who loved her? Is she still it fate that I have it. What was her life like? Did she have a family? did her daughter where the blazer too?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Inspiration and pure joy.

Ever since I was a little mom, my aunt and I have been going on weekend "adventures" together. A great day would be a flea market or two...a few antique shops...swimming at some small Wisconsin cream...a spin at our favorite Value Village Thrift Shop and dinner at a little diner somewhere we've never been before. We would always come home sun kissed and full of stories.

On one "adventure" we were out "junking", which is what they called it when I was a child, it was extremely hot. We found this little lake that looked cool and inviting...we quickly ran into the water and swam around...even now I can remember how happy we were to find a place to cool off. As we were swimming about we suddenly realized that this little lake had something we were unaware of....leaches! Just as a man came running over to tell us about it, we were discovering it ! Screaming and running out of the water and past the man we ran to the car and rushed home to make sure we got all of them off our bodies. Afterwards we still went to a little diner for dinner. I remember sitting in the backseat looking out the open window looking at the sunset and breathing in the smell grass, hay and earth.

This weekend we went on an adventure like that and thankfully we laughed a lot and did not find any leaches. 

This photo  from my cell phone reminds me of those summer days many years ago.

I am going to post some photos from my phone that I take on our "adventures". The photos are not that good but they bring me much pleasure and inspiration and remind me of the times I spend with my mom and aunt. I thought the blog would be an appropriate way to share images that probably will never be bigger than snapshot size. Something about the lack of quality makes them feel like memories more than reality.